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IDEC has teamed up with Porkbun for this competition where each student will get a free year of .design domain. This promotion includes: 

  • 1 year of email hosting to create a coordinating, professional email address
  • Domain connection to existing sites, such as Squarespace and WIX

  • Integrated Weebly website builder, which lets you design a new website without traditional web hosting

  • SSL certs for added security for any online shops and to boost your SEO ranking

  • WHOIS privacy so your contact details aren’t published online


To get started, simply claim your domain  

Make it Brandable

Here are some things to consider when deciding on your professional brand


The Perfect Name

Many people struggle with finding the perfect domain name for their website. The days of using a lengthy, boring .com domain are gone. Get a short and professional .design domain to showcase your work.

Many designers opt to use their as a personal brand (i.e.,, A lot of design agencies choose something that's meaningful and symbolic for them (i.e.,, No matter what .design domain you choose, the key is make it intuitive and memorable.

Another tip is to consider how your brand name, domain, and email will work together with all of your client-facing content. Maybe they all match exactly or maybe you use your domain name as a shorthand (e.g., your three letter initials or a a short form). A good practice of this is to imagine your business card and how all your content information (email and website) will work together with your name. 

The ultimate goal is always to stand out from your peers.


An Email Address to Match

It's never too early to start thinking about ditching that .edu email address for one that matches your website. As part of this partnership you have unlimited possibilities for your first professional email. A professional email address is just as important as a professional website. A .design email address shows off your designer identity nicely either in your signature line or on your business card. For example, will impress your clients more than


Building Your Brand

Connecting to squarespace or wix

If you already have a site built at Squarespace, Weebly, or wix you can use our Quick Connect feature to link it to your domain.

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Starting from scratch

Porkbun has partnered with Weebly, the site builder that allows you to create powerful, professional sites with dynamic and easy to use drag & drop tools. 

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